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I’ve had the privilege of working with people from different cultures and countries all around the world, producing records and co-writing songs for bands and solo artists, which have allowed me to collaborate and join very talented colleagues from Colombia (over 25 cities), United States (Orlando-Florida, New York, Los Angeles-California, Philadelphia-Pensilvania, Houston-TX, Washintong-DC), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba), Brazil (Sao Pablo, Londrina), Perú (Lima), Ecuador (Quito, Guayaquil), Surinam, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, England and Senegal.

This tour has given me the perspective to understand that Music is a universal language that keeps on unifying us more and more as a species, because despite the different conditions and development that every place has, people need art and music in order to grow. In addition, behind the music business, it does not matter where people come from, you can find common dreams, aspirations, struggles and efforts that those who are in the pursuit have. Therefore, everyone is looking for a special place in the spot of recognition, but at the same time, seeking that thing which lets them show their roots, origin and essence of what they are as human beings, by building a legacy of their own stories.

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Awards & Achivements

  • 3 Latin Grammy Nominations
  • 2 Platinum Record Awards
  • 5 Golden Record Awards
  • 1 MTV LA Award Winner (MTV Latino)
  • 1 MTV Europe Award Winner (MTV Europe)
  • 2 Songs included on Xbox 360 Soundtrack
  • 2 Soundtracks included on videogames for Apple Store
  • 6 Shock Music Awards (2 ¨Record Of The Year¨, 1 ¨Song Of The Year¨, 2 ¨Best Radio Song¨, 1 ¨Album Of The Year¨)
  • 10 nominations for five years cinco años in a row for Shock Music Awards on several categories
  • 2 Nuestra Tierra Awards Winner (1 “Best Rock Song¨, 1 ¨Best Rock Album¨)
  • 1 Nomination for ¨Producer Of The Year¨ - Nuestra Tierra Awards
  • 1 Sayco Songwriters Awards Winner and 2 more nominations on the awards
  • 4 Subterránica Awards for ¨Producer Of The Year¨ and 11 nominations on several categories during seven years
  • 1 Subterránica award for ¨Best Song For A Decade¨


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